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How To Decide The Greatest Free Lantern Ceremony 4-Star

A lineup of Xingqiu, Yun Jin, Beidou, Xiangling, Ningguang, Xinyan, Yanfei, and Chongyun.

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Don’t fret in case you’ve had completely horrible luck rolling for characters in Genshin Influence gacha banners. The Lantern Ceremony Pageant is operating once more this yr, which signifies that each participant will be capable of earn a free four-star character within the Fleeting Colours in Flight occasion. After accumulating sufficient occasion factors, you’ll be capable of redeem them for Xiangling, Beidou, Xingqiu, Ningguang, Chongyun, Xinyan, Yun Jin, or Yanfei. The query stays: Who do you decide to your roster?

The reply is very subjective. Genshin Influence tier lists don’t account for characters that carry out nicely underneath extremely particular group compositions. And typically, getting an additional constellation for a help character might be higher than choosing a injury supplier that you simply’ll by no means use (simply ask me how a lot I remorse unintentionally pulling Itto whereas making an attempt for Gorou). Getting constellations (an additional copy) of a personality can drastically change their playstyle and viability in groups. So if you have already got too many injury sellers in your group and also you don’t really feel like spending a month of sources constructing a brand new one, then it’s value choosing up a dupe for help.

The Should-Haves

These are characters who’re universally helpful for nearly each group. No matter who you’ve, their nice help capabilities will make a noticeable distinction to your gameplay expertise with out important funding.


This wayward son of a guild supervisor is broadly thought-about the very best help within the sport, and for good cause. He can heal considerably, can elevate the injury ceiling of the principle DPS, and may set off highly effective hydro-based reactions like “vaporize.” His elemental burst talent mechanically applies hydro on regular assaults (there’s no must intention!), which makes him an incredible character for newcomers or those that play Genshin on cellular. Slap a Sacrificial Sword on him and thank me later.


Anybody who clears the third stage of the Spiral Abyss can get Xiangling free of charge. So the query is: Must you decide her dupe? The reply is sure. She’s thought-about the second-best pyro help within the sport, and solely as a result of Bennett is the uncontested god of pyro. Her burst “Pyronado” does ridiculous quantities of harm, and also you need to elevate her to no less than C4 in order that she will maintain it operating for so long as attainable. Whereas she could be a respectable injury supplier on her personal, she’s too useful to run as a principal DPS. Pair her with a hydro DPS and watch the numbers fly.

The Pure Injury Sellers

As a lot because it hurts me to say it, four-star DPS won’t ever out-damage their five-star counterparts with out important useful resource funding. You must solely put money into these in case you don’t have already got a dependable injury supplier, or in case you love their backstories sufficient to dedicate sources into them.

Remember that numbers aren’t every little thing. Every DPS character has a singular damage-dealing playstyle. If you happen to discover charged assaults too annoying, then it won’t matter if a personality can out-damage others in its area of interest.


Earlier than Itto was launched, Ningguang was thought-about essentially the most highly effective geo DPS within the sport. The queen has since been dethroned, however she’s nonetheless related to gamers who don’t have a totally constructed Itto or those that must farm supplies from the Golden Wolflord. Her jade display means additionally has some help capabilities, which Itto’s equipment completely lacks. Earlier than selecting her, just remember to take pleasure in utilizing charged assaults, as that’s the place an enormous chunk of her injury comes from. The opposite identified concern about Ningguang is that her assaults don’t auto-target very nicely. It’s high-quality for the Spiral Abyss mode, however her focusing on might be annoying within the open world.


This plucky lawyer is one other catalyst person who depends on charged assaults for her equipment, besides her component is pyro. She’s the principle decide for individuals who want a devoted pyro injury supplier for reactions or Elemental Resonance (the impact bonus while you stack two or extra characters of the identical kind), however don’t have Diluc or Klee. In any other case, she’s first rate however not distinctive.


There’s just one gameplay cause to drag for Beidou: you like the highs of touchdown an ideal parry assault. That’s it. In any other case, electro is a finicky component with injury issues. As of the time of publication, Raiden Shogun’s elemental burst nonetheless doesn’t activate Beidou’s burst. If you happen to’re not itching for the problem of enjoying her equipment, then I might put money into a unique character’s constellation.

The Wild Playing cards

These characters might be usable, however there’s an enormous asterisk included. Solely pull for them in case you like their story or in case you have a selected construct in thoughts. In any other case, I counsel newcomers to skip them. They don’t seem to be beginner pleasant.

Yun Jin 

Yun Jin may very well be a incredible help character. There simply hasn’t been sufficient time for the Genshin neighborhood to check her group synergy, which is a course of that may take a number of months. On paper, her talents are perfect for groups with many alternative elemental sorts, and a principal injury supplier who depends on regular hits for injury. If another person would profit your group, then I might go for them and watch for Yun Jin to have a rerun. In any other case, you must solely decide her since you like her backstory or design.


Chongyun is usually used as a burst injury supplier, for soften reactions, or to synergize with different cryo characters. I used to be a Chongyun principal within the early sport, and it wasn’t superb. His Elemental Talent converts all regular assaults to cryo injury, which is problematic as a result of most characters have expertise that optimize their very own elemental injury. Characters like Raiden Shogun and Diluc will override his ice subject with their Elemental Bursts. You possibly can attempt to use him with Xingqiu for a permafreeze comp. Nevertheless, Chongyun’s weapon will shatter enemies immediately, which signifies that he can’t be the principle DPS if you wish to run permafreeze. I’m desperately hoping that Shenhe could make his equipment viable, however she’s higher used on devoted injury sellers. Kaeya is a free cryo character that’s superior in nearly each means.


There’s one principal cause to not construct Xinyan: her ascension supplies embody Violetgrass. I partially constructed her after which gave up as a result of climbing mountains to seize these flowers was far too annoying. Gameplay-wise, her talents are additionally lackluster. Her equipment scales with protection, however she’s a principal injury supplier. Whereas a ton of the newer characters additionally scale off protection, their defense-to-damage scaling is both higher (Itto) or their equipment is constructed on help (Gorou, Yun Jin). I might not carry her to the Spiral Abyss, however enemies are pretty weak within the open world. She needs to be okay so long as you’ve invested in her correctly.

Don’t overthink it

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If you happen to wrestle with making a call, then simply go together with your intestine. 4-star characters are all comparatively simple to acquire even in case you solely spend the free in-game forex. Everybody can get Xiangling free of charge at any time, and characters like Beidou, Ningguang, and Xingqiu rotate within the Starglitter store on a month-to-month foundation. However the occasion can assist in case you’ve been unfortunate with that one elusive character, or in case you weren’t fortunate sufficient to get Yun Jin throughout the present banners. Simply don’t overlook to truly farm the Lantern Ceremony Pageant occasion’s minigames, or you possibly can’t redeem any of those characters!

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